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Premier Custom Carts

Crowley RV is the Home of Premier Custom Carts


Custom Colors and Vinyl Wraps

Personalized for You

5-Year Warranty

Delivery and Financing Available


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Custom Designs

Custom Designs

Upgraded Wheel Packages

Upgraded Wheel Packages

Specialty Accessories

Speciality Accessories

Multiple Row Designs

Multiple Row Designs


Customize Your Cart


Premier Custom Carts are not your typical cart.  Our carts can be customized to support several upgrades such as: color choices and vinyl wrap, iPad, LED Light Package with under glow and light bars, Radio and Speaker/Sub package, Upgraded Wheel packages, Wireless Garage opener, Cooler, Seat Stitching, Roof Racks and THULE Cargo Holders.

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Custom Vinyl Wrap
Color Options
Cranberry Red


About Premier Custom Carts

“It’s a Lifestyle”


With our carts, not only will you look good, but you will be extremely comfortable. Our seats are manufactured with high density sponge, thickening leather and superior quality arm rest

Our Premier Custom Carts are designed and fabricated to engineer inspired full cast fiberglass dashboard that includes 2- USB charging ports, LCD odometer, Bluetooth MP3 player 4 cup holders. Our Premier Custom Cart can support many customized options for your specific needs.  Make your Vision come to Reality.

Premier Custom Carts are powered by state of the art and eco-friendly Lithium-ion battery for max increased performance and superior reliability that is backed up with a 5-year Warranty. Motor and Controller carry a 2-year manufactures warranty

Our “Street Legal” carts can take you anywhere with our durable 23×10-14, 6PLY off road tires mounted on 14×7-inch Aluminum Alloy Rims will get you where you need to go. Our durable frame is made with Q23 superior quality iron steel complete with finishing and galvanized coating.




Detailed Specifications



Seats: High density sponge, thickening leather with high quality arm rest.
Sideboard: Aluminum Alloy with anti-skid coating.
Floor Mat: skid proof full piece rubber floor mat.
Roof Holder: Iron steel and finished with waterproof coating
View Mirror: EMARK certified, two side mirrors and one inside rear-view mirror.
Acc/Lights: Front and rear lights, turn signals, brake lights and electric horn


Controller: Toyota Cooperated Brand 48V/350A backed with a 2-year manufactures warranty.
Battery: Lithium backed with a 5-year warranty.
Motor: Toyota Cooperated 48V/350A backed with a 2-year manufactures warranty.
Charger: Onboard input 110V-240V, output 48V/25A.
Wheels/Tires: 23x10-14, 6PLY off-road tire with 14”x7” Aluminum Alloy rims. Drive: Rear Wheel Drive. Rear Axle: Speed Ration 12.25:1.
Passenger Capacity: 2, 4 or 6 Passengers. Max. Load: 1323 LBS. G.W/N. W: 1388lns (4-passengers) |1565/bs/1455lbs (6-passengers).
Overall size: (LxWxH) 107in x 48in x 70in (4-passenger) | 135in x 48in x 75in (6-passenger). Max. Speed: 25-41 MPH. Range: 49-60 mi. Charging time: 3-5 hours (Lithium ion).
Wheelbase: 63.35in (4-passenger) | 94.5in (6-passenger).
Ground Clearance: 7.08in (4-passenger) | 7.1in (6-passenger).
Climbing Capacity: 30%. Min Bracket Distance: <11.5 (4-passenger) | <16.4ft (6-passenger). Turn Radius: 11.5ft (4-passenger) | 14.76ft (6-passenger)


Convenience & Entertainment

Fiberglass dashboard, 2 USB charging ports, LCS odometer, Bluetooth Stereo MP3, cup holders.

Safety & Handling

Windshield: DOT passed PVC foldable windshield. View Mirror: EMARK certified, two side mirrors and one inside rear-view mirror. Frame: Q23 High Quality iron steel, finished with galvanized coating. Brake System: Hydraulic Front Disc. Brakes. Rear drum brakes. Suspension: Rear leaf spring and hydraulic damper, Front A-Arm+ Coil Spring. Steering: Self compensating Rack & pinion steering. Turn Radius: 11.5ft (4-passenger) | 14.76ft (6-passenger). Min Brake Distance: <11.5 (4-passenger) | <16.4ft (6-passenger). Roof: Longer and stronger, injected molded ABS

Lithium Battery

Rate Capacity 150Ah, minimum capacity 157Ah, Nominal Voltage 48v, Outgoing voltage >48V, Charging voltage 58V,
Energy:  7200Wh.
voltage at discharge 40V, Charge protection voltage 59.2V, Over discharge current, 480A, AC Impedance <50mQ,
Standard Charge 10A, Standard discharge 50A, Fast charge 20A, Fast discharge 100A, Max continuous charge 150A.
Operational temp:
0-45 C, Discharge temp -10 -60C Storage temp -10-60C 60+ 25%, Single module size L 515MMm W 375MM, H 280MM, Weight 75Kg



Contact Us For More Information


Bill Landrigan

800-779-3083 Ext 2207